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Crew of Warber

The crew on the Warber consists of the following rankings:

  • Captain
  • Chief Mate
  • 2e Mate
  • Chief Engineer
  • AB
  • AB Cook
  • Cadet
  • Cadet

The Warber is a training company recognized by VTL.

We expect our crew utmost devotion to keep the ship and its cargo in the best possible condition and safe, but we also offer plenty of room for the crew to accomplish this through great independence and own initiative.

We attach great importance to a good atmosphere on board. Because the crew is for a long period on board we find that a pleasant living and working environment is important. We think highly motivated crew also depends on that there is next to work enough space for relaxation but also that good meals can be served on board.

Meals are always enjoyed together and the crew drinks coffee all together on the bridge. The Warber sails with mostly a fixed group of crew members who take turns. The result is a well co-operating crew who is working alongside each other but also enjoy some relaxation together.

For safety reasons it is during the voyage not allowed to consume alcohol.