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History of Warber

On January 3, 1990 the first Warber came into service. This ship was a type called “Denmark sailer”. The vessel was for a limited maritime area  converted inland barge. The ship sailed mostly between Dutch, Belgian and German inland ports and Denmark and Germany’s North Sea and Baltic ports.

In 1996, the second Warber was taken in operation. This was a by the owners newly built river coaster. The ship was equipped with a movable bridge (steering house), and had a creep line of 4.5 meters. Through this possibility of sailing under very low bridges and having a low draught she could transport directly goods from seaharbours far into the inland. From 1998 to 2008, the ship maintain a line between the Ruhr area Germany and the Humber (east coast England). The ship is then sold pending the completion of a new build coaster.

This one; this is the current Warber, was produced and delivered in August 2010 in China. After the delivery the ship loaded cargo in Vietnam and has crossed the Pacific via Hawaii to the Panama Canal. It has sailed through the Panama Canal and through the Caribbean to Philadelphia where she discharged. After that the Warber loaded in Charleston and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to Liverpool. From that time the ship deployed in the Baltic, North Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Since February 2012 the Warber maintains a line between Finland and Great Britain, but also the ship sails at other ports in the Baltic.