In accordance with the GDPR we offer you our Privacy & Cookie policy. This policy applies to all services that we provide as a company.

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Privacy Policy

as by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 25, 2018

VOF Warber and representatives of mv Warber (hereinafter collectively “Warber”) recognise and respect the privacy of all personal data and processes personal data in compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This applies to all personal data on paper, computer and hard disks, e-mail, website (and correspondence via the website) and used multimedia and possibly not mentioned possible used method whereby personal data can be processed.

Warber has designated an Official Personal Data that monitors compliance and to which irregularities must be reported.

When legislation requires, Warber reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy without providing prior notice. 


Warber will take all reasonably steps to ensure that personal data is treated securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

E-mailadresses will be used only for the purpose of responding.

Warber will not transfer personal data to any third party outside Warber without the collection of the express prior to that persons consent hereto unless obligated to do so under applicable law. Warber will take care that the third parties where information has to be shared with are working under GDPR by submit these company’s Privacy Policy before information is shared.


The personal information crewmembers and passengers have to provide are the information on passport added with address, email-address, telephone-number and eventually medical data which are applicable for Warber to comply with the legislation.

This information will only be used when it is necessary for normal business operations. When authorized inspectors/surveyors or authorities ask for this information, this information will be shown without passing through or copying and will not be multiplied as long as not necessary required.

Photo’s/film with recognizable crew/passengers on, will only be used on website/Facebook page of Warber after written permission of this person.


All person-sensitive information in the office is kept locked in the office and only accessible to representatives of VOF Warber.

All person-sensitive information on board is kept locked in captain’s cabin and only accessible to the captain on board. All information what is stored on computer or external hard disk will be secured with a password. External hard disks will be stored in a place only accessible to authorized persons.

Authorized persons will be made aware of their responsibility regarding the privacy law and the compliance with this law, as well as the steps to be taken to prevent a data leak or, if a data leak is suspected, report this to the Official Personal Data.


All persons on board of which data is kept are allowed to view their own data at any time and ask to remove data what is not necessary for normal business operations. All correspondence according this issue is done by letter.

All persons on board who detects a leak or suspects this is obliged to report this to the Official Personal Data.


New crew will be informed about GDPR during ISM familiarisation on board.


Any questions, remarks and notifications about this Privacy Policy can be provided by contact the Official Personal Data